Reaching the Nation | Going Beyond

Again Jesus said, “Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.”

John 20:21 (NIV)

Impacting the city is an important goal for any church, but Assemblée Chrétienne Mulhouse (ACM) is looking beyond to reach the entire nation of France. The primary way they plan to do this is through raising up and sending out church planters from the church to reach other parts of France. One thing we've learned is that for a church to plant and grow in France, it must be led by a French person. Internationals can start a church and have a growing, thriving church, but it won't be filled with the French. It will be filled with other internationals. So raising up and training native French believers to go out and make a difference for Christ in their country is a powerful way to spread the gospel. We are excited to be a part of this process of building into the people who will be on the front lines of God's movement throughout the country. They will need as much training and support as possible to be ready to handle such a difficult spiritual climate.

Another way we will be supporting national efforts will be through creating resources and trainings that can be distributed or brought around the country to other churches or ministries. Some of this work might be in creating videos or brochures, websites or social media campaigns, and writing curriculum and then training other churches around the country in spiritual formations principals, effective communications, or other topics in which God has given us experience and training. This aspect is the most exciting part of our ministry because the possibilities are limitless. We are excited to see where God will take us once we get settled into Mulhouse and start to explore where God wants us to go on a national level.

Raising Church Planters


There are so many different aspects of training that go into sending people out to start a church. We won't be a part of all of that training, but we will be involved. This is one area that Kristy will especially be able to serve. As she works to bring greater awareness and understanding of spiritual formations, writing curriculum, and helping these leaders strengthen their walk with God, they will be gaining a firmer foundation for their ministry.


No ministry can start empty-handed and expect much success. Helping these church planters get started on their journey is something that we really value so they will be sent out with as high a probability of success as possible.

Most church planters are gifted leaders. We have talked with the leaders of ACM about the idea of making a "kit" of resources, handouts, a social media presence, a website, media, and other elements that would be useful to a starting church plant to get them established in ways in which they are normally incapable.

Equipping Other Churches

Communications trainings

Most churches in France are like ACM: limited resources and no full-time staff. So for many of these pastors, they're just trying to do the best they can with the resources they have. When it comes to communications, this is especially evident. Rob's background in various forms of communication and media helps him to be an effective training resource for churches large and small to improve their efforts.

From starting a simple website to connecting with their congregations through social media, there are small steps that can bring big rewards in improving communications.

Multimedia production

Large churches have the advantage of having large staffs whom are specialized in many different areas. Most large churches are able to have media departments that can create videos and media on demand for whatever the needs are of the church. Across France, though, most churches are so small they are unable to dedicate much, if any, time and energy into creating videos or other media for sermons or other efforts.

Even if a church has the desire and can find the energy to make a video, most are unskilled in video production and unable to make effective and impactful videos. Rob is looking forward to working with the ACM leadership to plan videos and other media that can be used locally in ACM but also shared nationally to help enrich and equip churches all over France.

Technical training

Thanks to Rob's work running the video systems of our home church, he has a lot of experience building and maintaining multimedia systems of all shapes and sizes. From simple setups of just a computer with a projector to all-digital HD multicamera production systems, he's planned and built them all. He has a special talent for making the most of equipment and maximizing the potential of any system.

For churches that work on very limited budgets, finding new ways to use the equipment they have or being able to put together a quality system within their budget can be a daunting task. He will be able to bless these churches in ways they might not have been otherwise by working with them to asses their needs, dreams, and budgets, and then putting together an equipment plan and helping them assemble it.



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