Global Outreach Mission | Our sending agency

Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.

Galatians 6:2 (NIV)

After much searching and prayer, we found an organization that, we feel, will give us the freedom and support we need to follow God's call. The organization is called Global Outreach Mission. Most missions organizations either want you to be members of a specific denomination or have their own missions they want to staff. Since we are looking to do work with a specific Vineyard church, our options for a sending agency became very few, very quickly.

Global's focus is on enabling individuals to follow God's unique call on their lives. This means that they send missionaries and support them, but they don't dictate where those missionaries will go or what they will do. There are some requirements, like you have to be joining up with an organization so you have a support structure around you, but otherwise we are able to do whatever work God is calling us to do.


In August 2017, we attended the orientation for Global and met a lot of really great people. It was pretty cool to see the different places people were going to serve God. There was a woman going to Guatemala to help start a midwife program, a couple working in the Ukraine with special needs children, a man going to the Congo to work with a food outreach with a hospital, and many others.

Like us, none of these other people fit into other sending organizations or the organization they were going to work with wasn't set up to act as a sending organization, so Global is able to step in and provide the administrative and logistical assistance needed to help us get to where God wants us to be.

The support they provide

The support that Global provides covers practical and personal support. The practical side involves logistical support to help us actually get to France and survive/thrive there. This includes helping us with the visa process, helping us with getting our stuff overseas, making sure we have healthcare, making sure we are putting money away for retirement, help with organizing our finances, ensuring that we are getting the training we need and are prepared for the work ahead.

For personal support, there is a multi-level plan that Global has set up to make sure that we are going to be taken care of while on the field. For most day-to-day challenges that come up, we will be looking to the people we are working with directly in ministry, the leadership of Assemblée Chrétienne Mulhouse (ACM), for support. If we're having a rough day or we're frustrated, we would talk to them. There are multiple North Americans who are a part of the church with experience in cross-cultural missions, as well as other mature Christians who will be able to be there for us.

If our challenges get larger, Global will put us in contact with other Global missionaries in the country who will be able to support us as well. If a challenge is bigger than what can be handled that way, Global headquarters will either directly work with us to resolve things or connect us with another Christian organization that will be able to help. This could include counseling or other services if they are needed.



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