Connecting With The French Ministry Community

Published by Rob on Mar 27, 2018

Over the past couple months we've noticed that God has started connecting us with others who are also focused on bringing the Gospel to France. It's been exciting to start to meet and connect with others who have the same passion for the country that we do.

When we first began this journey, I sent an email to Didier, the pastor of Assemblée Chrétienne Mulhouse (ACM), and introduced myself. Instead of hearing back from him directly, I first heard back from Don Freeman, the pastor of the Vineyard Church of the Peninsula in Virginia, who is friends with Didier and is connected to many of the Vineyard churches in France. Over the past few years we have been in contact with Don and he has been a great support and encouragement for us when it seems like few others have been as supportive. For a long time, I thought Don would be the only US pastor who was really excited and supporting the work we want to do. That changed a couple months ago.

If you've been following our blog posts, you might remember one we did recently about worshiping in another language. A while back I was added to a Facebook group for Vineyard worship leaders. While I'm not a worship leader outside of a small group setting, because of the work I've done in the past at the church and the work we hope to do in France, I was added to the group. As we started posting on our blog, I knew I wanted to share something on that group to try to raise more awareness of the work we're hoping to do and maybe find some other churches who might be interested in supporting us. So when I wrote the worship post, I knew it was the perfect type of message to share on the group.

When I shared the blog post I was surprised at the response. It wasn't overwhelming, but it was really cool to hear from some of the people. A worship leader in Atlanta put me in contact with a man named David Broussard who runs an organization called Impact France, another in Alabama put me in contact with Ken Hanning, the pastor of the Galveston Vineyard, who has a heart for France. Another worship leader put me in contact with his parents who run the Wells Vineyard in the UK and visit France often and are involved in some ministry there. Ken Hanning put me in contact with Tim Brokopp who helps run a missions organization called Amoveo who is also interested in reaching France.

This year has been a really crazy, frustrating, exciting, unexpected journey and starting to find other like-minded people has been a real blessing. We finally feel like we're starting to have a supportive community of workers around us who recognize our calling and are encouraging us and praying for us. While we've had many family and friends affirm our calling and support our efforts, it's exciting to have workers who have no personal connection to us or the church we hope to serve who have heard our story and affirmed and encouraged our calling.

We are excited to continue to follow God's call on our lives and if helping to connect others who have a heart for France is part of that work, great!

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