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Short Term Missions

Published by Rob on Feb 6, 2019

June 27, 2017 was a momentous day for us. It's the day that everything changed, when Rob was laid off from his job of almost 4 years and we felt God asking us to trust Him and take a big step of faith. 1 year and 7 months later, we're still on that journey of faith, and we've seen God moving in many unexpected ways.

One Year On

Published by Rob on Jun 26, 2018

In writing there is a moment called the "inciting incident" which thrusts the protagonist(s) into the main action of the story. Sometimes this is a father dying suddenly, or war being declared. For us, one year ago our inciting incident came in the form of a sudden job loss while on vacation.

God’s Nudge

Published by Kristy on Jun 6, 2018

Mid-March, I (Kristy) felt a nudge from God to apply to Renovaré Institute for Spiritual Formation. I have been interested in Renovaré for a few years and have regularly listened to their podcasts, participated in their book club, and received their weekly digest. The application process involved completing an application and having people submit a character reference and a pastoral reference. Next, I had an online interview with Carolyn Arends, the Director of Education for the Institute, recording artist, author, speaker, and college instructor.

What's Your View of God?

Published by Rob on Apr 23, 2018
"What come into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us" - A.W. Tozer When you think about God, who do you picture? God is. God has never changed. God will never change. Our view of God, however, is a different story.

Slowed Down to Shift Gears

Published by Rob on Apr 3, 2018
You might remember that at the beginning of our family vision trip last summer, I was laid off of my corporate job of nearly 5 years. It was a surprise, but we felt like it was God opening two doors for us: the safe one leading back to another full-time job and a comfortable "normal" live, or the way of faith that would lead us into the unknown but that could also lead us on a great adventure for Christ. Obviously, we chose the way of faith and the journey this past year has been one surprise after another. A couple months ago, we hit another of those surprises.

Living Outside of the Box

Published by Rob on Mar 20, 2018
By nature, humans like to categorize things and organize things. It's pretty normal for us to be handed a group of things and find ways to separate and label them to make sense of them. We do that with skin colors, cultures, jobs, activities, everything you can think of. But what do you do when something doesn't fit into what you think it should? What about those people who seem to cut across categories, labels, and expectations?

What Works Best For The Culture

Published by Rob on Mar 13, 2018

It's easy for people to get so used to the way we do things here in the USA that we forget that other places in the world do it differently. We even might know that things are done differently elsewhere but, because of our past experiences and preconceptions, we think that certain things are a given across everywhere.