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The Now and the Not Yet

Published by Rob on Feb 27, 2018
Have you ever wondered what life is like for us as we are preparing to go to France? I believe it’s a real picture of how the Bible talks about the Kingdom of God on earth. We call it “the now and the not yet.”

Worshiping in Another Language

Published by Rob on Feb 20, 2018
What's it like worshiping in another language? I read a while back that a study found that worshiping in a language other than your native tongue didn't have the same neurological connection as when you worship in your native language. While I understand the conclusion, I also don't completely agree with this. Over the past more than 3 years that we've been on this journey, one of the things that has most deeply connected me with France and the French has actually been the worship music.

Accepted to Language School!

Published by Rob on Feb 13, 2018
To be effective in ministry in France one of the most important things we need to do is to learn the language. There are many other cultures and countries where you can be very effective without learning the local language. Unfortunately, France is one place where that doesn't work. To help us ensure that we will be effective in the work we will be doing, we found a Christian intensive language school in France that we will be attending to achieve the proper level of language competency prior to beginning our ministry work.

Making Progress!

Published by Rob on Feb 5, 2018
Over the past few weeks we've released a series of 3 videos to tell a bit more about why we're going to France, introduce you to the church we will be serving with, and tell you more about how we will fit into the work God is doing to reach the nation of France.

Vision Trip Part 4 - Alsace (The "fun" parts)

Published by Rob on Sep 20, 2017

Ok, so just to be clear, the entire time we were in Alsace was great. Saying this is the "fun" parts doesn't mean the other parts weren't fun, just that this is more about the sight-seeing we did as we explored this beautiful region. We met some awesome people and had great conversations during our visit, but we also were able to explore the beautiful landscape of Alsace.

So some of the fun stuff we did:

A Family Vision Trip—Part 1

Published by Rob on Sep 14, 2017

Not long after God said to start thinking concretely about going to France, we decided that we really should take the kids to France soon. We knew that they really should get a chance to experience traveling internationally, flying in an airplane and visiting a country where they didn't know the language to see how they would handle those new challenges.

Short answer: they did great! They handled all the new situations and challenges wonderfully, and it didn't phase them at all!